Join to PopUnder advertising market and start earning money.


Real time statistics

Our system shows statistics in real time , you dont have to wait hours or days to check your stats.


Multi options for pay

We pay and accept few forms of payment systems. You can choose Bitcoin , Webmoney & Perfect money


Geotargeting method

If you are an advertiser , You can select visitors by country , device and browser.


PopUnder clicks

Our advertising is PopUnder and we pay for each single click on your site.


-- Publishers --

What is your price for popunders?

  • It depends to quality of traffic , country of visitors , their device , categories , advertisers offers , the rate is fully dynamic

  • Do you accept all kind of sites ?

  • Yes we do if their content doesn't be illegal

  • Stats are real time ?

  • Yes real-time stats . You dont need to wait hours and days for update stats

  • Why i see less visitors than what i sent ?

  • we calculate only unique visitors based on per 24 hours . also another factor is how much advertisers buy traffic

  • Can i use your PopUnder script with other company's popunders ?

  • Yes you can , but not more than three popunders on your site

  • What type of ads do you have ?

  • PopUnders

  • Can i make money by referring others ?

  • Sure , we pay you 5% of what your affiliates make

  • What are the payment methods ?

  • We pay you by Bitcoin,Webmoney,Perfect Money

  • How much is minimum amount for withdraw ?

  • Must be at least $10 in your account for sending withdrawal request

  • Do i need wait a month for withdraw request ?

  • No , at time you make $10 you can send us request for withdraw money

  • How long you send me money after my request ?

  • All requests will be done within 4 business days

  • Is this program available worldwide ?

  • Yes , we accept members from all countries

  • -- Advertisers --

    How i can deposit my account ?

  • by Bitcoin,Webmoney,Perfect Money

  • How you advertise my site ?

  • We display your website as a full page PopUnder

  • How much is cost for PopuUders ?

  • All depends to country,device,category traffic . But we charge only $1 for 1k popunders when you choose all countries

  • Can i get refund ?

  • no , we haven't such policy

  • How can i choose traffic ?

  • You can choose traffic by country , device and browsers

  • How can i contact you if i had a question ?

  • You can contact us by email or live on skype

  • Contact us if you have special request

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